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Looking for expert robotic excision surgery and more?

Get Your Life Back! 



Tailored for YOU!

Frustrated, because you feel unheard about pelvic pain or past surgery and treatments never provided or no longer provide relief?  You're not alone!


We offer the absolute highest level of surgical excision expertise and guidance on advanced biomolecular-based mainstream & integrative support, so that you can Kick Endo and Thrive!  

These are common endometriosis symptoms, and there are many more:

  • Persistent or unexplained pelvic pain

  • Painful sex

  • Excruciating bowel movements

  • Severe intestinal discomfort and/or bloating

  • Infertility

  • Constant urge to urinate

  • Integrative Advanced Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgeon

    I’m Dr. Steven Vasilev, and I’m America’s First & Only Triple Board certified (Gynecology, Oncology and Holistic Medicine) integrative physician who specializes in Ultra-advanced Robotic Excision Surgery and integrative recovery for endometriosis.

    This means you get:

  • A doctor who listens, hears and understands your unique problems and concerns;

  • A high tech minimally invasive expert robotic excision surgeon with over 30 years of experience, who has seen it all, so no surgery is too complicated;

  • A comprehensive analysis of your specific symptoms, unique experience, test findings, previous treatments, and risk factors including genetics, which may increase with age;

  • A personalized holistic treatment plan, including surgery and mainstream therapy as well as recommendations for the best scientifically supported natural approaches, including nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you thrive;

  • A translational researcher that studies the genetics and molecular biology behind endo so you can be certain you will hear about the latest treatment options


    Patient-centered personalized holistic care integrates the best mainstream treatments and advanced excision surgery with natural support. Learn the difference between useless “alternative” treatments and science-supported integrative medicine for endometriosis.  

    Validation through a correct diagnosis is job #1. Then treatment can be tailored to your pain, quality of life or infertility concerns.


    Believe in yourself,  reach for the best, and strive towards your personal cure.  We combine science based options for best results at every stage in treatment, including advanced surgical, medical, and complementary. Most often, success comes from merging all options. 


    Advanced personalized robotically assisted surgery so you can get home, quickly recover and get back to life much faster. Even advanced repeat surgery is safely possible and recovery is fastest with robotics technology plus integrative holistic support.


    Expert excision surgery is a critical cornerstone towards getting your life back and beating endo. But it is usually only ONE  step as part of a successful treatment plan. We coordinate with the very best pelvic floor therapists, pain management specialists and many other practitioners for your special needs to support lasting results.


    Surgery can be a scary proposition. Discover the benefits of expert robotic surgery! 

    Precise. Safe. Gentle. Basically, NEXT-gen.

    Learn why this means the fastest recovery possible! 

    Already been through surgery? If you are one of the many women still suffering after multiple treatments and surgeries, robotic surgery with an ultra-expert excisionist may be for you.

    Robotic surgery may provide the extra edge that you need, because:

  • It's minimally invasive, using tiny and often hidden incisions. It's like laparoscopy except much better because of extremely precise instruments that mimic tiny human hands and because of optics that are 3-D and magnified so the surgeon can see more clearly. This makes even the most complicated surgery much safer.

  • You enjoy the fastest possible recovery, meaning less pain in the recovery area (even less than after laparoscopy), going home usually the same day and being mostly up and around right away, with normal daily activities within a few days

  • Less risk of complications and bleeding even in advanced endo cases

  • Better visualization and magnification to identify hidden endo, especially when using the latest in additional techniques, such as near infrared imaging

  • ***IMPORTANT*** At the end of the day, the robotic equipment is only as good as the surgeon and your treatment is either based on the latest bio-molecular science or it's not. I know it’s hard or even impossible to determine who is really an “expert” and decide who to trust, especially if you have been disappointed before. 

    There are no magic cures, but if the above personalized approach resonates with you, and you want to talk to a highly experienced surgeon who supports and teaches other experts, please call for a consult. 

    There are very few surgeons who achieve the level of excellent outcomes that we are proud of.  

    If I think I can help you we will jump on a deep-dive Zoom call and get you on the right path. 

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